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We'll process the transfer of your vehicle by following all of the Guidelines of the DGT

taxes included


+ 4% tax value vehicle* * *

Price change of owner of vehicle

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What is included in this price?

Below we break down the cost of the change of owner of vehicle in Documents Express.


* rate Traffic 2022


* the fee for the school managers


* fees agency


* VAT on fees

4 %

on the value of your car

*The calculation is made for people who reside in the Canary islands. If you reside in a community property transfer tax can vary.

Transfer Vehicles in Tenerife

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When you sell or purchase a vehicle already registered is very important to do the change of ownership of the vehicle in the Register of the General Directorate of Traffic. If we do not perform the change of owner, the DGT was not recorded for this change and, therefore, all the responsibility falls on the person of the holder that consists in Traffic, that is to say, the seller.


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Necessary documents for the transfer of vehicles


In Documents Express we perform the change of owner for your vehicle quick and easy way for you to get out of here already with the vehicle. Below is A list of the documentation that is needed to perform any procedure with your vehicle:

Steps to follow for changing the owner

We calculate and pay the transfer Tax (ITP)

We pay the fee and do the processing in the DGT

We make delivery of interim authorization of circulation

Steps to the sale and purchase of a vehicle

If you've bought or sold a second-hand car is necessary to perform the change of ownership of the car or motorcyclethis is one of the first steps..

If you are the buyer of the vehicle, you have a maximum of 30 days for the change of owner from making the contract. And in the case that you are the seller of the vehicle, you must notify the sale to avoid potential problems. In Documents Express we perform both procedures quickly and safely.

If for some reason the transfer of the vehicle has any issues, you can know the time, just like the steps to follow in order to perform the procedure safely. 

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