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Vehicle Registration

Alta de Vehículos con Documentos Express. Podemos dar de alta su vehículo, estando de baja temporal, en el Registro de vehículos de la DGT. It is important to mention that if the vehicle is low final destruction with a date before 13/02/2004, you will have to apply for the rehabilitation of the same to authorize you to re-circulate. 

There are many different reasons why you may need to enlist a vehicle, such as, for example, the transfer to another country, you're not going to use it and give it a temporary low to save on costs,... In Documents Express we handle the processing of high or rehabilitation of any vehicle safe and comfortable manner. 

Reasons to register a vehicle

Whatever the reason for the need to enlist a vehicle, it can be done without problem, provided that the vehicle is dropped temporarily. However, as with any procedure requires a process, to submit certain documentation...

From Documents Express we offer our professional services to perform this procedure, so you will not have to go to Traffic or taking care of the whole process. Our team of professionals will even ask for the report of the situation of the car, where it will be reflected, the latest ITV, the date of enrollment...

On the contrary, if your vehicle was low-end are needed more stringent requirements. Although it is also possible to discharge the same. Some of these requirements are, to be the owner of the vehicle or to prove that you are the owner. 

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Dealing with the high of your vehicle's Documents Express

We take care of everything so you can enjoy your vehicle as soon as possible. Trust us to perform your procedures with the DGT.

If it was low-temporary


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