Agency Vehicles in Tenerife

We offer you all of the services of an agency vehicle. We have the equipment and experience to perform all the paperwork with the DGT quickly and efficiently. Vehicle registrations and low, transfer with change of owner and all matters related to your vehicle.

We manage any procedure in the DGT or Traffic, we'll help you for the faster, more convenient, and transparent. Provide a quality services to our customers it is our daily goal to earn your satisfaction and trust.

Manage your business with Traffic

Steps and procedures that we carry out with the DGT


Transfer and change of owner

We offer a fast and convenient service at the time of making the transfer of your vehicle. You'll be able to get out of Documents Express the vehicle in your name.

Duplicate driving licence

In Documents Express we take care of all the paperwork in traffic needed to request a duplicate driving licensewhatever the reason that you need it.

The recognition of driving licences

If you want to validate your license to drive in Spain we take care of to give you all the details so that you can make the validation of your license.


For added peace of mind, in Documents Express we will help you in all the paperwork for the registration of your vehicle is new or second-hand. We make the process whether it is national import.

Duplicate permit circulation

If you need a duplicate permit circulation, either because of a change of address, it has been lost or stolen, we'll do all the paperwork.

Duplicate tab technique

Both for the loss, theft or deterioration of the card technical inspectionin Documents Express we will help you to get a copy of the documentation.

Vehicle Registration

In Documents Express we take care of to guide you through all the necessary paperwork in the DGT to give register your vehicle

Vehicle Deregistration

We'll process the low vehicle final in the DGT. Contact us and we'll take care of it all, quickly and safely.

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Bet for your peace of mind

Let us take care of managing all the paperwork with the DGT!

There are a myriad of problems at the time of performing the formalities with our vehicle. The vast majority are due to the ignorance of the procedures, applications, and  proceedings of the DGT or the Administration in generalthis tends to lead to errors, expenditure of time and money unnecessary. Because let's not talk about the time they devote to find out, go in person to submit the documentation...

Therefore since Documents Express we offer a service for fast and safe in the hand of professionals, your safety and the safety of your vehicle is very important. For all this, we offer to manage the necessary documentation for your vehicle, offering the management of any procedure related to the same. 

Why choose us as your agency of Vehicles and Tenerife?

Documents Express

In our agency vehicles in Tenerife we have a group of professionals trained to perform any process with your vehicle. We can handle any documentation you are in the Island you're from, thanks to our online platform. We are very proud of the team we are and how much to rely on us our customers.  

We have a dedicated team with years of work in the sector, working in all types of procedures with the DGT.

Account with us to complete the formalities of any vehicle, car, motorcycle, will be accompanied by a group of professionals who will guide you at all times. 

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We can tell you that you can make Documents Express as your advice of vehicles

Transparency, speed and quality of service. With these three pillars, you will not have anything to worry about. 

Management, fast and convenient

Personal manager

Avoid queues and delays

Online management

We manage from the first visit

Change of ownership at the moment

Save time, please contact us


The lack of knowledge about the requirements, obligations, and procedures imposed by the Directorate General of Traffic and the Administration in general, is the main problem when dealing manage these procedures. This fact often leads to confusion and great loss of time.

Your time and safety is something very valuable, don't spend long hours searching for information, collecting documentation, and go to file all face-to-face. For this reason Documents Express provides you with a complete service, realizamos all the services related to your vehicle.

We are in Tenerife but we cover the procedures needed are on the island you are. We are specialized in the process and management of applications with traffic: enrollment, duplicates, change of owner, the recognition and exchange of driving licenses, renewals, and unsubscribe to a vehicle permit special...